Snap!nix development (Part 1)

You think we should make a wiki for Snap!nix?

Sure I know HTML but Can you maybe add an GUI like an way where you can access the the entire os

By that I mean like the home page for it where there are apps and one of them can be terminal

Oh. I thought it would boot to the terminal and the user had to type startx to launch the gui.

Oh sure we can do that

Anyways, here is the official wiki

Anyone can edit the topic! Just press the icon of a pencil on a square!

Now can you possibly add some things to the os maybe we could have an processor with assembly commands like jump and ADD and other bit operations

To launch programs from the GUI, I think we could use the ask and wait block.

like this:
ask (list [start] (children of [/bin/]::sensing) ::list) and wait

Where children of (path) returns a list of child apps

Or maybe if you type the path an location to it in the terminal with an start like ex: start …/…/…

I mean for a start menu.

Ohhhh or maybe you can just click on an app

I've made a windowing system in Scratch before: GNOME on Scratch

Yeah, but I don't like having a desktop. edit: with clickable icons.

Oh it’s okay but I do like your windowing system can you convert it to snap or recreate it and add it to the os

I'm planning on it. Also, could you rename the topic to something like "Snap!nix Development"

(You can do that w/ the pencil icon at the top after you scroll all the way up.)

Also when done show me another project url cuz for me snap doesn’t like to apply changes

Really? Are you checking your copy for the changes? The link I provided should still work...

Nah sorry it isn’t

Try the one in the wiki. I haven't added the GUI yet...