Snap needs to ban this guy

forsteken Is Stealing projects from people on and posting them on snap.
I feel like this is not okay to steal others work and post it on a different site.
please ban this guy.
Formely, Xbloxxx or on scratch Xbloxxx

And a some guy: wowahaha is making the same project over and over with a new title every time.

Yes I already reported the project spam.

You can not copy other people's projects from Scratch and say 'I made it all me 100%' you need to give credit and you can't do it for all your projects.

@bh All the following games they stole from Scratch. They put no credits saying they made it.

These projects are all copies of the ones on Scratch and he stole them and said he made them. The projects are also featured but they just copied them.

I found that Scratchnapped was created by Griffpatch, but I don't know the creators of the other projects.

Yes so was Teris it is featured to! And it was stolen! And hte sonic is featured! THERE STOLEN!

All I can say is I'm glad my Scratch games aren't being pirated by some person who wants to look cool and claim that my work is their own.

But this dude is doing that.