Snap! Meet, talk with anyone!

No JS required, run out of editor

I am sure that you will find the truth about “talk with anyone” after running it.!%20Meet%20Snap%20seven%20link

Copy and paste the link into browser. Thanks to bubgamer for the Snap! 7 link. The project was created by earthrulerr not bubgamer, the link provided was from bubgamer.

Snap! Meet got it’s inspiration from Roblox’s Ro-Meet. Created by earthrulerr who nows it is against policy to make a working chat and publish it. I still made this. Enjoy!

its so cool I like it.


what do you mean 'they' you made it.


Pronouns ~ They/them
Languages ~ HTML, CSS, JS
Favorable Topics ~ OS, Snapsites

Um, it's made in Snap! 7...

Could you give a Snap! 7 link please?

Im talking about the project link

snap! 7 Is not out yet it was a bug.

Then how did he get this image of the project:

look at this

its all ai there is no one talking to you at the other end!

I thought it was gunna be real.

Sorry for the bug when the Snap! 7 went off, use this link instead! Snap! 7 - dev - Build Your Own Blocks)&ProjectName=Snap!%20Meet%20Snap%20seven%20link Thanks to @bubgamer07_bungamer0 for the link!

I know.

But "they made this" isn't grammatically correct, since you're talking about yourself. It should be "I made this" instead.