Snap! Maps

Snap! Maps By @joecooldoo - Some Ideas by @sirhopsalot

Have You ever wanted to make your own routes?
Have you ever wondered if it was possible to navigate in Snap! ?

Well, we have the answer to all your questions! Try Snap! Maps and make, navigate and save your own routes! Do you want to send a route to your device? Well, Snap! Maps Has a feature to save your routes to the cloud*! Want to load 'em? Just click the cloud button and get your route in an instant**! Worried about no internet while navigating? Snap! Maps has you covered! You can save map files to four computer as well as routes!


~ Offline Mapping
~ Cloud Storage
~ Route Maker
~ Navigation using route file!%20Maps

Not working? Try this example:!%20Maps%20(Mapper)

NOTE: for anyone using Apple's Safari Web Browser, please refer to using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

*One file per user. Cannot upload map files.
** Must be logged in to Snap! to use cloud properly.

Would there be a way to add a search bar….?

No, this is more of a route maker, not a route finder.

It’s very laggy and it’s starting location is a few states from my area so it wouldn’t be helpful. And yes I try browse but it scrolls weirdly and it is not working for me

If its laggy, dont use fullscreen. Browse works fine. Lag is causing mouse calculations to go crazy. Have you even tried making a route?

Your computer either doesn't have location sensors, or you didnt give Snap! permissions to use your GPS.

Yes, and when geolocation fails, it keeps popping up a message saying so, no matter how many times I click OK on it . :~/

I did, it’s that the scrolling while in browse is weird.

Same for me, it’s super annoying!

Guys! This is not the program! Try using it on a mobile device, or another GPS enabled device.

I’m on iPad! LOL!

It works for me. Your IPad is junk when it comes to Geolocation then.

it’s new- I think it’s the mapping blocks

What iPad generation/model? And how long have you had it?

They are made by the Snap! Devs! They arent mine!

I know they aren’t yours. The geo error keeps popping up like bh said so I think it’s the blocks.

Look at the main post and use the second link. (It's an example, not the actual)

Not as laggy, no error, but the scroll is so weird on iPad. Whenever I tap the screen and drag my finger it goes the opposite way I want it to go then when I drag the other way it still goes the wrong way. It super weird on the scroll for iPad but I guess not for a mouse.

Please look at the main post again.

Try second link