Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 3)

Just me, but I personally feel like the original colours for the categories are good. The "Motion" and "Looks" categories look the same. Although I do like the blue pen, the colours feel "unnatural" to me. It's okay if anyone disagrees, I'm just saying my personal opinion.

You can add your own not edit*

@bh I'm trying to convince my parents to let me sign up for Snap! Jr. She said: "Just give it a few days and see if they don't take it down.". Can you tell her it won't? (I know the answer will be no because Snap! is under an open source license.)

I wont take it down :slight_smile: This is gonna be a long term project for me. :slight_smile:

I mean, you can customize it via a menu, but you can not add custom html unless it is an embed.

Oh. Thanks.

It looked like you were spelling it as you'd pronounce it.

I mean @bh taking it down.

In a private message:

The "I really really can't take on new commitments" is talking about logging in.

"I respect your work". It seems like it won't be taken down.

If by "they" she means us, rather than Joe, then yes, if you send me her email.

On the forums is sufficient, I'll show it to her.

@joecooldoo My mom helped my join. Can you make me an admin?

What do you mean.

Yeah it should be.

Please visit this link:

I did.

Ok, looks like your already in the development team! :slight_smile:

You have the badge:

This is added when you join the development team.

What could I help with in development.

@joecooldoo I literally put Earth on first name and Rulerr on last name.