Snap! is working in China?

PLEASE IGNORE MY OTHER POST, I forgot that having "unblocked" in the url makes the link blocked for me



Again, what's so surprising about this? It's an educational website.

Because Scratch isn't, as neither of them comply with the laws China has in place

Well to be honest Scratch is bigger and full of more...immature people who just want to try to push their creative brains to the brink (sorry if I'm using the wrong terms here) while Snap! is for an older and more mature audience (that's why we have features like Matrix Multiplication for Machine Learning or something, features that 8 year old me might not even understand) and thus we know how to control what we're posting.

But to be honest this is just my bias (and overly condescending) take on why Scratch is banned/blocked in China and not Snap!.

I didn't post my age...I'm obviously not 8.

Oh, okay. Sorry.

Yeah, I'm fresh out of the womb and I have perfect grammar and spelling.

I wasn't even born yet and I had mastered English Grammar.

Snap! had better be accessible in China; we're teaching BJC there!

Beauty and Joy of Computing?

The Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum.

Yeah I haven't heard BJC in a while so it took me a little bit to remember

I looked up "Beauty and Joy of Computing china" and got this, but you are aware that
is importable as a script, right? I'm not sure if this is a curriculum thats like in schools for a grade, but if so, its an easy way for someone to cheat

Yeah, yeah, plenty of teachers have told us about that. We've been fixing the script pic to come from the starter project rather than the final solutions project.

About grades, our advice to teachers is not to grade the labs; they're for you to learn new stuff, not for you to prove you already know the stuff. Instead, we provide teachers with problems for unit (about a month's worth of labs) exams. But apparently there exist schools that require teachers to post a grade per student per class meeting. :~(

ah okay

yeah true

Interesting, can you prove a sample of an exam here?

You can find it on the BJC website.

Nope. Everything is online except exams and solutions. Sorry!