Snap is not registering steps correctly across clones.

I am currently making a space invaders game, and for some reason the code, when ran in turbo and normal mode is making some invaders jump out of order. They sometimes fix themselves which is even stranger. However, when run with visible stepping enabled it works perfectly. How do i fix this?

In the picture I included, you can see a clone that is "off", even though I made sure to sync them all up with the ready to start variable early on. It doesn't matter where the clone is either, sometimes it's in the bottom right, other times a whole row shifts. But in slow mode (visible stepping) there's no problem. It isn't because of the animation either, because I disconnected that script and had the same issue.

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We don't promise that a WAIT block will wait exactly that amount of time, especially if you have several of them in a script. WAIT is okay if you want to pause between steps of a single sprite (including clones), but it's not a good way to synchronize across sprites. Instead, use BROADCAST and WHEN I RECEIVE to ensure that things happen in the order you want.

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