Snap is not a place to goof off for now(LEST YOU WANT TO GET BANNED)

I swear some people aren't realizing that it's not okay to get off topic or joke around on others topics.I'm gonna tell everyone what happens when you continue to do that:One you get warnings from other snappers.Two,your posts get flagged and deleted.Three,you start getting warnings from The MODS.4,you get temp banned.5,you get perma banned.I know the mods should be saying this stuff,but i feel like you guys don't care unless one of us non mods say this.Let me tell what happened to three people who did this when i wasn't around:THEY WERE BANNED and i feel like if i don't say anything or don't do somethings more friends and allies will get banned from the forums.If this doesn't get you to listen,then don't be mad when you get perma banned

Why is this in 'advanced topics'?

Cause its an advanced topic to me.Also it fit within the category

I don't think this belongs in Advanced Topics (or really any other category)

I'd like to put it in something like uncategorized but that doesn't exist

I moved it to Help > Forums. I agree that it doesn't go in AT. But I appreciate the effort to help with moderation.

Things have gotten much better lately. We are not hovering over the forum like vultures waiting to pounce on isolated minor issues. When a good topic trails off into unhelpful "me too" posts, I'll just delete them and close the topic, but not start issuing warnings. I've sometimes been proactively closing help threads that get a prompt solution.

The other day someone posted "Your friend says hi" at the end of an otherwise on-topic, helpful post, and I just let that pass.

i'm just glad things are finally starting to get less strict now

... but today I had to delete over 50 posts from one thread and that makes me feel the need to moderate more firmly.

I really hate to sound like an adult, but it is up to you how closely we moderate.

These Sentences Are Fighting Each Other


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