Snap is crashing

sorry for making a 3rd topic today but snap will not snap crashing. I have a small project so its not that.

What do you mean by "crashing"? A screenshot would be nice. Thanks.

nothing works at all. all you can do is reload and rebuild what you didn't save.
I waited 10 mins one time.

You're not helping. You open Snap! with an empty workspace and you don't see the Snap! UI? It crashes before that? Or you load your project and then it crashes? Pretend you're a Snap! developer and someone gave you a bug report saying "Snap! crashes"; what information would you like that other person to give you?

I mean it crashes randomly. and when you press the ui stuff nothing happens.

Are you absolutely sure it's random? Were you messing with JS? @sirhopsalot

(Sigh.) It crashes randomly while you are working on a particular project? It crashes randomly when there is no project (it's empty) and you're in the other room cooking dinner? It crashes randomly when your project calls JS FUNCTION? It crashes randomly when you're running an infinite loop? What? What did you do to make this happen? You did something; we're not hearing the rest of the world clamoring to support you.

I don't know what I did. it crashed when I opened a project it crashed when I used a tell block and it crashed again this morning when I saved a project.

I didn't use js.

Can you share the project that made it crash? Thanks.

here it is! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

One thing I'd say is that you are probably thrashing your CPU with all the forever loops without any waits in them and that MIGHT be causing your issue

Maybe try replacing things like



And instead of going to the player all the time in a tight loop - maybe only goto the player just before you show it?


It says here that you automatically yield at the bottom of the loop blocks, so that shouldn't be a problem. But WAIT UNTIL instead of FOREVER IF sounds like a good suggestion anyway.