Snap is looks weird and I cannot get it fixed

No matter how many times I adjusted my Screen zoom or reloaded, everything looks like the picture of the project title is covering the creators name and it looks funny...

And I know for a fact it's not my screen size because this didn't happen before and my screen zoom was at it's default. Please fix this! :'(


hmm... I can't reproduce this screenshot in any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). Can you let us know your OS and browser version? Thanks!

Google Chrome, I'm using a chromebook

Can reproduce. I'm on Google Chrome on Windows 10

It only happens for projects, not collections

Can reproduce the by <username> part being displayed in a different position but it is not under the project thumbnail like your screenshot. (Possibly due to the screen size being different.) Here is how it looks on my device-

I am using Chrome latest version on Windows 10.

Thats also whats happening with me too

So you are seeing everything exactly as in my screenshot?

You guys are all on windows....I'm on a Chromebook hp though...

Yeah, but only when it is in single file rows like the featured projects are, when I search projects, the whole thing looks like it got oofed.

I found the issue and sent a fix. (//cc @bromagosa)

im on chromebook

Huh, looks like I'm not the only chromebook user with an oofed Snap. That's grateful to know.

Sorry, that was on me. It's fixed now :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting it!