Snap iceberg

dont flag this, there was no category for icebergs, so i chose this

i made a tiny iceberg about snap

ik theres probably some inaccuracies, also its tiny because im horrible at making icebergs

Here's my version of the Snap! iceberg.

some of these are nonsense

Which ones were nonsense? I guess that all of them makes sense for me.

like when did scratch block snap, scratch and snap are friends, just not close

If you're creating a snap iceberg, I suggest making it a project, maybe an interactive iceberg, oike it gives you an explanation when you hover over some text.

Some things I personally would add (stuff I've picked up from the many years I've been here).

Tier 1:


The snap team got permission from the scratch team to use a modified version of Gobo as their mascot, named Alonzo, after Alonzo Church.


The predecessor to snap, Build Your Own Blocks, which was a scratch 1.4 mod. It was renamed to Snap! when people complained that the acronym also stood for Bring Your Own Beer.

Tier 2:

Magic script pics

Script pics exported from snap can be imported to load the script in the image.


I'm not sure about the specifics, but you can read about it here Snap! Build Your Own Blocks


The Beauty and Joy of Computing is a programming course the uses, and (I think) is developed by snap.

JavaScript extensions

A setting was introduced in snap 6 to enable the JavaScript function block. It was introduced due to a malicious attack.

Tier 4:


The ability to control the snap editor ui to create a micro world.

JIT Compiler support

An experimental block exists (by enabling the hidden setting "JIT compiler support" and "JavaScript extensions") that is able to compile snap code to their JavaScript code.

Tier 5:

When Things Slow Down™

@bh says this a lot whenever something is brought up that the snap team wants to do, but can't at the moment, because there's just more important stuff for them to do.

Better paint editor

The snap team is fully aware of the fact that the paint editor in snap is not very good, but they want to make a better one When Things Slow Down™.

Dynamic help dialogs

The snap team has been talking about a new help dialog system that is translatable, but it's on their list for When Things Slow Down™.

Tier 6:

Snap!Con 2020

During Snap!Con 2020, many scratchers came to snap to complain about how they were "wrongfully banned", and they kept comparing scratch to snap. Due to this, the snap forum was shut down for a couple days, where the snap team took the time to clean up the forum, and establish the new (more strict) rules about off-topic conversations, and enforced the focus on snap. This was also when the miscellaneous category was deleted. Since then, the rules have become less strict, but it's still more strict than they were before Snap!Con 2020.

This is the kind of stuff that is usually on an iceberg, not random things that you just make up.

I don't think Snap! has ever tried to or wanted to leave Berkeley, as bh is (or at least was) a professor there.
Also, Scratch and Snap! are friends?