Snap has no of block

snap has these blocksuntitled script pic (13)untitled script pic (11)untitled script pic (12) snap should also have a of block like it has a and block and a or block.

What would the of block do? If anything, snap should add an xor block.

I'll give you a example.
untitled script pic (8) of untitled script pic (6) .
it would be in Operators

I just realized, an of block already exists
untitled script pic

It's also hyperized
untitled script pic (51)

If you want to check if the mouse position is equal to the position of clones, then you can use the ask block.

Side note: when did this get hyperized?

Whats that mean?

i think it has something to do with lists.

It accepts hyperblocks, aka, a list as an input.

what am i looking at

hyperized blocks.

  1. a normal (* 2 3).
  2. hyperised (* 2 '(4 5 6)), which is the same as (map (lambda (x) (* 2 x)) '(4 5 6))
  3. hyperised (* '(2 3 4) '(7 6 5)), which is the same as

(map (((item(index)of([2][3][4]@delInput@addInput::list))×(value)@delInput⋮@addInput::operators)(value)(index)@delInput@addInput::grey ring)over ([7][6][5]@delInput@addInput::list)::list)


not only does that code not check if the mouse position matches the clones. AND is for testing booleans, not grouping numbers. even if that did work, it would only work for exactly one pixel, which is probably not what you want. just use the TOUCHING block.

untitled script pic

Oh, heh, I didn't think about whether the script was right, I was just using the example @110443 gave. I should've switched the AND blocks for LIST blocks.

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