Snap! Forum API Blocks!%20Forum%20API%20Blocks

Not an API, just something to access posts on the forum.

For some reason this only works for the first 20 posts. Is there any reason why it would do that?

I can't figure out why because I can barely comprehend what your code is doing

It's parsing the HTML of a Snap! Forum page and removing any items that are not the post needed.

Those type project aren't forbidden?

oh cool!

Cloud API is forbidden and blocked by SNAP! itself.
Forum API not yet (i think) :slight_smile:

It doesn't even use an API: It simply just visits the topic and reads the HTML.

I like the idea! These blocks can open up doors to possibilities like making a bot on the Snap! Forums.

There are no create reply blocks. So you couldn't make a bot.

Oh well. You can still access the posts and such.

The HTML page only contains the first 20 posts. You have to get more using posts.json, for example GET[]=98011&post_ids[]=98012&post_ids[]=98014&post_ids[]=98015&post_ids[]=98016&post_ids[]=98017&post_ids[]=98018&post_ids[]=98019&post_ids[]=98020&post_ids[]=98021&post_ids[]=98022&post_ids[]=98023&post_ids[]=98024&post_ids[]=98025&post_ids[]=98026&post_ids[]=98027&post_ids[]=98028&post_ids[]=98030&post_ids[]=98031&post_ids[]=98032&include_suggested=true


Is there something about my post you want to know? Why did you use a screenshot?

Why does my notifications say that my post was linked?

I linked a json of a bunch of posts. I guess yours was included. The real question is why discourse counts a json API link as a link to your post.