Snap Fortress - First Beta Release

Remember a long time ago, when I said i'd make a Snap TF2 Remake?
Well, its happening!

The first Snap Fortress beta is now open to play!
So far, its very unfinished. Here is all the features.

-Playable Scout with working Scattergun
-Enemys. (They can be killed!)
-A kill feed. (Its broken. If anyone can fix this, please help me.)
-On Kill: 1 in 8 chance for scout to laugh.

This took me a hour and a half to make. Its obviously very unfinished. I am wanting help with the project. So if your interested, please let me know! Any help would be very much appreciated.

If not, it would mean a lot if you would play the beta. Its not much, but its a start.
See ya next update folks!

(Edit: also, if you guys want to add your own stuff, please show me! I would love to see your creations!)

Um...huh? I can control the blue thing by moving but the orange thing is the gun...or what I think is the gun.

The camera is always centered on your player character, relatively, the blue enemy appears to be moving because of your own movement.

(Also I just noticed that your pfp is Sniper)

Also okay I now understand.

(late reply)


Hoping to give the camera smooth animation in a later update. Like with easing and stuff instead of it being in perfect sync with the player. Probably will make it a option in the future options menu.



Well to fix this, you'll need a recent kill list. You'd have to write the font code to make the list be displayed with the style of tf2. The kill feed will only display once (for a second?). then it'll revert back to Null. this is the only way i can think of.

Oh thanks. I'll try that out.

Yeah..i dont think thats sniper.

Thats medic lol