Snap fork

I forked snap on github. I'm still developing snap fork.

Snap fork to-do list:

  • create a website, a blog, and a forum for snap fork

I will add more stuff to the to-do list.

Just create a pull request on the snap fork repo or fill out and post this form:

Github username:
Github profile link:
Were should were contact you:

Snap fork

Snap fork repo

What will this mod do?

I don't know yet. I will come up with those ideas later.

if you submit a pull request on GitHub of any ideas with the code for the idea, I might add it.

Make a true fullscreen snap stage

I don't know that much coding, you can give me the coding and which file to put the code in

whats the point of having a mod if you don't know how to mod it? :slight_smile:

Everyone is a beginner at something at some stage of their life :slight_smile:

Everyone likes to play around :slight_smile:


I might change the favicon

I'm going to build a website for snap fork with weebly or wix.

If you're gonna be modding snap, then I'd encourage you to look into creating your own html, css and javascript (especially javascript, as snap is written in javascript).

I also don't like website builders, because you never know what stuff they sneak into your website.

I know html and css and a little bit of javascript


Ok, I might code the website

I will make a website for snap fork

How to change the favicon of the site

It's in the html. Look for icon in the head.

Which html file. Is it the snap.html file.

snap.html is the html file that loads snap, so yes.