Snap feature requests

I think snap! Should add a high contrast mode and I think Snap should also add a packager cuz I think it would be fun to transform Snap! Code into html and I think snap! Should also add color sensitive mode

There's currently Snapp!, a packager which can be found at the footer of the community site. The packager only supports converting projects to Windows and Mac apps and not HTML yet (I think)

But it is outdated and does not work with the current snap version, so there's not really any reason to use it.

snap should bring back the message reporter block. I use to use that block alot.

You can still bring that block back by shift-clicking the Snap! logo in the editor and clicking "Switch to dev mode". Go to control category and pick up the message reporter at the bottom of the palette. When done, click the Snap! logo and click "switch to user mode".

thankyou for that

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