‘Snap!’ Extension

That's pretty cool. I didn't know you couldn't use snap on firefox!

You can use snap on firefox, but that extension is only for chromium.

what does the extension do?


There are mostly only two browsers: firefox and chromium. Browsers like safari, opera and google chrome are extensions of chromium, and some can even load chromium extensions. There are also strange browsers like IE and Tor that use their own system.

thanks and also isn't tor illegal?

No, it isn't. At least, it isn't in canada. I don't know about europe, but they probably won't.

I'm in the U.S.A

No idea then. Especially with trump, I don't know much about the USA.

We like hamburgers alot.

Guys lets get back on the main train track as in lets get back on topic

No. Not in the US. The police don't like it, because it lets you post anonymously, but so far knock on wood we still have a right to anonymity.

Having said that, it's also true that some people who use Tor use it for really bad purposes. But the point of the First Amendment is that we choose to let some bad things happen rather than allow an all-seeing government, which would be a different bad thing.

Note for extension!

I might be taking down the extension but I’ll have the code up so you can run it if you want.

Most websites don't let you do that. Wikipedia lets you post if you already have an account, but you can't create an account or post without an account using tor.


Fire fox took down the extension due to no description

Wikipedia is trying to be a source of truth. What does 4chan do?

I've heard that that site is a group of hackers.

That site is largely full of nasty people of all sorts. But that's why I chose them as an example; I'm betting that they allow anonymous account creation. Not at all suggesting you go read it!


So, why do the people act.. let's just say informal to other people when there anonymous but not as much when they're not anonymous? My only assumption is that they feel more comfortable to be informal when they're anonymous and they aren't when they're not anonymous because they feel they'll know who they are.