Snap! Editor in a Repl (help)

I want to make an extension of Snap! in Repl, with just the editor, I have seen this before possible by @joecooldoo where the editor was inside of a Repl. If anyone knows how to do just the editor in Repl or already has done it (that I could fork?) please reply.

HTML,JS,CSS projects have a preview where you can see your projects in sandboxed browser (WebView).
If you want the replit server to host a browser for you and only send the screen images to your computer, try

More like I want the editors source code in a Repl, that I could edit and such.

Snap IDE is an HTML application so you can import :snap: github repository as a HTML,JS,CSS project.

You can also edit/run Snap from local disc folder (root folder snap.html).
Personally, I prefer tinkering with the Snap with the Chrome Debugger F12.

I have only seen the source code for the Snap! Site, Snap! Cloud, and such, never the editor, could you link it please?

There is no separate editor, just all-in-one Snap IDE

Oh! I was looking at bromagosa‘s stuff, thanks!

open the shell then run

gh auth login

login to your github account

then run

gh repo clone jmoenig/Snap

Replit says that repo is too big to import...

use the git feature

I've actually managed to export all items of Snap! into a Repl by dragging them manually.
Now I need an initializer (sorry, idk how to use JS)