Snap doesn't open project files in web

in firefox, Snap can open project files (xml)
i used Gnome Web (Epiphany) browser to install this website as an app and pin it to my taskbar
i can save projects from here, but unfortunately i can't load them

after i click :page_facing_up: Open, select a file in the dialog that pops up, and click the Open button, nothing changes in Snap, there is no message displayed, just the project stays as it is, with the default sprite, not importing the selected file

Well, that's your problem. Gnome Web is the buggiest browser I've ever used. I've never tried it with Snap!, but it could very well be just as bad as my experience running Scratch in Epiphany.

My suggestion: Firefox.

Note: This is still a bug that should probably be fixed.

Quick question: Are you saving it to the cloud, or to your computer?

And, on an unrelated note, what Distro do you use?

i'm saving to the computer, i'm using debian but web is downloaded from flathub, firefox too

You're better off using electron to make them executables, and I'm like 90% sure it supports Linux

Mind if you send the project's XML file?

(Copy the code to your clipboard, then paste it here, between triple ticks.)



The origin and permissions of the "installed website" may be broken.
You need a way to look at the console/error log.
Did you try import/export?

they should be the same as the browser itself, and i have this problem if i use a browser tab too
it's in the download folder, which the browser has full access too, but it shouldn't matter because the open dialog should mount the file inside the app if it doesn't have permission for it by default

there's nothing there after i try to open a file

yes, it's same

i don't think that matters, but here's an example, it's just two pointy sprites:

<project name="1" app="Snap! 9.0," version="2"><notes></notes><thumbnail></thumbnail><scenes select="1"><scene name="1"><notes></notes><hidden></hidden><headers></headers><code></code><blocks></blocks><stage name="Сцена" width="480" height="360" costume="0" color="255,255,255,1" tempo="60" threadsafe="false" penlog="false" volume="100" pan="0" lines="round" ternary="false" hyperops="true" codify="false" inheritance="true" sublistIDs="false" id="5"><pentrails></pentrails><costumes><list struct="atomic" id="6"></list></costumes><sounds><list struct="atomic" id="7"></list></sounds><variables></variables><blocks></blocks><scripts></scripts><sprites select="2"><sprite name="Спрайт" idx="1" x="0" y="0" heading="90" scale="1" volume="100" pan="0" rotation="1" draggable="true" costume="0" color="80,80,80,1" pen="tip" id="12"><costumes><list struct="atomic" id="13"></list></costumes><sounds><list struct="atomic" id="14"></list></sounds><blocks></blocks><variables></variables><scripts></scripts></sprite><sprite name="Спрайт(2)" idx="2" x="-7" y="-56" heading="90" scale="1" volume="100" pan="0" rotation="1" draggable="true" costume="0" color="10.60800000000001,132.6,0,1" pen="tip" id="18"><costumes><list struct="atomic" id="19"></list></costumes><sounds><list struct="atomic" id="20"></list></sounds><blocks></blocks><variables></variables><scripts></scripts></sprite></sprites></stage><variables></variables></scene></scenes></project>

i can import it in firefox or chrome but not in gnoem web

it does somewhat, but i don't want to compile all the things myself, and afaik the executables it makes a huge, more than 100MiB, but an installed webapp is just a few clicks and a few MiB, and probably electron doesn't support opening more than one window at the same time

Wait, dpes chromium on linux (not necessarily google chrome, but brave too) support PWAs on linux? I know snap is a setup as a PWA, which allows people to install it on their computer / phone.

no offense but use another browser, gnome web is kinda bad

it does actually! when i tried installing from chromium the first time, it didn't open correctly, but now i see it's been installed and working, i just had to restart it

fonts look a bit weird compared to firefox and gnome, but i'll probably get used to it

it lags a lot in chrome, and even blurry in some places

i would prefer to still use gnome web instead

What distro do you use?
Edit: oh debian