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Who wants to collaborate to the Snap! dictionary?

Here you can try to request some more stuff and words to the dictionary.
You can also request new features to add some more functionality to the dictionary.

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Don't ignore mobile users! Instead of using space to open the option to select a page, do it with green flag.


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cool project

Added :grin:

Why green flag? If anything, I would just add a button to open thw menu.

It's quicker and less time-consuming to use the green flag as an action button, and by now the project is having the green flag do nothing other than hiding a sprite.

The green flag starts the project.

Creating a button in the project is not very hard (you just need to add a new sprite with a when I am [clicked] hat block), and it's way more obvious to a user what the button does then having multiple uses for a green flag (it's also sometimes difficult to tap the small green flag on phones).

Done, you can now access page list by double-tapping.

Some suggestions:


Blocks are used to program in Snap!. Blocks are dragged from the palette and snapped together (hence the name Snap!) to form code.


Sprites are objects that are visible on the stage that can have attached code, costumes, and sounds. Sprites can be moved and change appearance through block coding.


The stage is where the project is able to display information and graphics. Sprites are shown on the stage, and the stage can be drawn on using the blocks in the Pen category.


An image that a sprite can choose to "wear" when it is displayed on the stage.


A sound is a sound effect that a sprite can play using the blocks in the Sound category.

Good, now I'm working on it later today, or maybe tomorrow.

It's done! Check it out.

ok, 1. this is an amazing idea, 2. I think certain features that might help would include: a search with a algorithm that tries to guess what you are typing, a page turning animation, maybe some picture examples if you can make it look nice.


If you need help making those I would be happy to assist.