Snap+ Development

Im working on something very big for Snap! called
Snap! +
will be a advance version of snap that can handle multiplayer a lot better then other programs.

Please reply if you have any thoughts, feedback, ideas/suggestions, questions or want to .


This + in the logo blows me up. Maybe joecooldoo can do good icon for Snap+

Interesting idea, but is necessary?

What is the advantage of this over netsblox?

I guess the fact that Netblox can't be accessed by most school computers and school accounts, and that most computers (that CAN access Netblox) owned by kids are password protected by their parents.

what do you mean?

So a user-modified Snap+ will be much more accessible?


My computer is but I know the password. (Technically a PIN, but...)

Why would you want to make Snap+ when @joecooldoo has cloud blocks and other blocks that Netblox has?

  1. joecooldoo's cloudvar blocks are a bit slow, due to using the URL block, which is usually slow.
  2. Cloud broadcasts?

Hm...Now that's a bit bad. I understand.

I don't like joecooldoo's blocks because I don't know how to use the cloud var blocks.

I'll see if I can show you. I'd need the project joecooldoo made.

Yeah. They are a little hard to understand. I'll make them easier to understand.

I don't know what "cloudid" is so normally I'd put "12345" for it.

I fixed it.!%20Extensions

Cloud Vars
I set the variable to 10 already and had Javascript Extensions enabled...

Try again.

Still doesn't work.

Yes, it does, it's just your internet isn't properly configured. Or your using an organization's wifi.

Scratch Cloud Variables blocks work better, but only work for registered Scratchers.