Snap! Dev PWA

The Snap Dev PWA is the exact same as the Snap! PWA, but you can't tell them apart if you have both.
Snap! Dev Concept
This is my Snap! Dev PWA icon concept, which is kind of like some other beta versions of apps (like Edge and Chrome).

What's the point of this?

Snap has a progressing web app. If you have any modern browser, that basically allows you to install it to your desktop, without requiring internet to use. However, without the link being different, it is hard to tell which version it is.

you could click the snap logo > about. It tells you what version it is. And if you click modules, you can see the version date for each one, meaning, you can use that to tell if you're on the current dev version.

In fact, snap dev warns you as it starts. It would be nice to not have to launch the app though, as it takes a while to load. Changing the icon would fix that.

I just realized what the op was suggesting.

The snap dev app icon should be different from the regular snap icon.

What's PWA?

...and I just read the other comments bites lip

Also, you should be able to rename the desktop shortcut, right?

Yes, though not everyone uses desktop shortcuts.

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