Snap! crasher!%20crasher
don't ask why I did this.
WARNING: this will crash snap!.

Why not?

Why did you make it Eh?

i don't know why. I don't know what to make.
and it will crash snap I tested it.

I don't have a answer.

then why did you say don't ask why?

There is a sprite limit (5000). So nothing special happens from me.

because I DONT have a answer.

look did you see this.

What's interesting is that this does basically "crash" Snap! on my computer.
It might be somewhere around that limit, but at some point the page just refreshes.

Win10@I7-6700/16GB, nothing usefull is done, clones moves at 1fps but :stop_sign: button work after slight delay.

cool I don't think we need to know this.

I don't think this is allowed for Snap!.

the maximum clones is 5000
and when i ran that, it was like 1 frame per 3 seconds (in editor)
so it didnt totally crash
(maybe i have a fast pc?)

Why would it not be allowed. Also it is.

Well, im running on a CHROMEBOOK and it doesn't crash. soooo.... either I have a fast chromebook (it actually is really fast compared to others. It CAN play huge games and not lag.), or the project doesnt crash the webpage.

It crashed on iPads and iPhones. I made another version that crashes faster but I am not going to share it right now.

I made a project that crashes the computer spamming you notifications, but my chromebook held up until i tried to view the notifications. But even then, I could still very slowly move my cursor. (My chromebook uses an Intel processor) P.S. Website is fixed. Please contact me.

I use a Mac I don't know about you but this thing crashes when i use the crasher.

This works:
untitled script pic (6)
Reason it crashes:
P.S. the forkbomb leaks to all other Snap! pages as well.