Snap! Costumes aren't working

Hi. I have a trouble with Snap Editor. When I'm clicking on the Costumes button in File section to get Snap's preloaded costumes, my browser is not responding and few seconds later window is closing. Can you help me? My device and browser: Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge browser. Thanks for support! :blush:

can you try using Chrome?

OK, I will try

Unfortunately I can't run Chrome on my computer, but that bug is not very important for me - I can "steal" sprites from Scratch editor :smiley: But I think it still needs repair

The costumes work fine for me in Edge on Windows 11

It is likely a problem with your browser/computer.

I'd suggest trying to clear your cache and restarting at least your browser if not your computer itself

OK, thank you so much for help!

It's probably because Snap! tries to load all of the costumes at the same time