Snap!Con: Final Day Announcements

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Hello there!

The last day of Snap ! Con 2020 starts in just a few hours! We can't believe we're already near the end of Snap ! Con. We are sad that it's almost over, but it's been incredible seeing all of you and the amazing contributions you all have been making to the Snap ! community.

Thank you Tiffany for an amazing keynote yesterday, and to all of our presenters!

Day 4 Schedule

We'll start the day with workshops, then join us for Eckart Modrow's Keynote: The Tool is Not the Content. After our mid-day food break, come back for our BOFs! We'll end our day with a discussion on the Future of Snap! with our Snap ! developers and with input from the Snap ! community.

More to note about the BOFs - All BOF proposals were accepted and have been added to the schedule!

The first session of BOFs will feature:

The second session of BOFs will feature:

Snap ! Con 2020 Collection

We're collecting a Snap ! projects that you have created, demoed and shared this week to be featured in the Snap!Con 2020 Collection on the Snap! home page. If you filled out the username survey, we've added you as an editor to the collection. You can also suggest projects to add to the collection on the Snap ! Forum thread.

Snap ! Con 2020 Survey

We would love to hear from you on how you thought Snap!Con 2020 went! We would very much appreciate if you could leave us your feedback on our post-conference survey. Your responses will help shape our next Snap ! Con!

Joining The Snap ! Forum

If you're having trouble accessing the Snap ! Forum, you can login in the upper right using your Snap ! Cloud account. To access the Snap ! Con-specific categories, you may need to request approval.

You can always view past announcements in the forum, too.

Joining the Conference

Find these links on our conference website (or in your email) Once you are logged into, find the session you want to attend on the program. Click the link under the presenter names called “Join Live Event”. Please note that this link will only appear if you are a registered attendee and logged into

We can't wait to see you all soon again!!

– The Snap ! Con 2020 Team

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