Snap! Competitions (Part 2)

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I don't see it on Scratch or your profile.

Huh. Its happening for my friend to. Did you clear your cache?

Wait, by featured do you mean Scratch Team featured it? Because on Scratch you can feature your own projects to put them as the main project on your account page.

No, thats my own featured project.


I'm banned on Scratch :frowning:


I was false reported and mass reported for something I didn't do.
BTW they also banned my IP Address so I can't show you the ban appeal

I can contact them for you. What is your username?

They wouldn't listen to me or anyone. So contacting them will be no use.

I will contact them.

I let that slide though. It's not such a big deal. Because I found out about Snap! a few months later and here I can do the same things I did on Scratch (The coding side of things)

you can find me as lhmueller.

i followed you!

I saw!

what is this??

It was a Speedrun Competition that sirhopsalot made. It ended almost one month ago.