Snap! Competitions (Part 1)

I'm telling you, we have gone past that argument and swept it under the imaginary carpet.

You still argued, so you aren't in the list. Final decision. Short argument over.

You still won an event:

Me and @sirhopsalot tied

there is tts in :snap: its in a lib

$$12^2$$ seconds. Interesting number.

or 12x12 same thing

Well it's pretty obviously the same thing because that's the definition of squaring a number.

hey can i add this game

Ummm, the competition ended yesterday.


@oofpaste249 Why does your pfp have 日本語 in it?

it means kawaii aka cute

Oh. The edge of the hiriagana "い" was cut off due to the forum rounding pfps. I thought it was the hiriagana "し".

I know what kawaii means.

sorry i have been gone. i got grounded.

but i can use scratch now!

Awsome! Look what happened:

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