Snap! Competitions (Part 1)

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im gonna play some games.

Honestly, may consider making a game specifically made to be a challenge for speed and points, for this, if that would be allowed.


Well CLEARLY it's your fault so...

@slate_technologies and @sirhopsalot, you guys are at each other's throats.

Here's the thing though: @sirhopsalot doesn't add himself into the "Bits" category. So he might forever be arguing with 0 Bits when I've got 1,000,000 or more Bits.

What are "Bits"?

According to sirhopsalot, a "Bit" is like the "Three Strikes and You're Out" kind of thing

Yes...But have you ever heard of the Magna Carta?

bits is what my mom uses for strikes

If you get 3 strikes, you're out.
If you get 3 bits, you're also out.

Use this:

For good measure, I'm going to add bits to @sirhopsalot.

I don't have the time, the energy, or the inclination to dive through this to make it something constructive instead of destructive as it now seems. You guys clean this up in the next 24 hours or I'm deleting it.

I didn't just delete it immediately because a few people seem to be enjoying the thread in a nondestructive way.

fine with me.

I have not read it.

So you said something that goes along the lines of:

"But it would be junk if the dev were to be banned"

If you were to be banned (Or the dev) then why can't someone just elect another person to be the replacement dev?

I made the topic its not fair and!