Snap Cloud says "Connection is not Private"

I was going to and then I got the following message:

Those certificates are supposed to auto-renew but occasionally there's an issue about it. Forwarded to the cloud engineering department.

What's the use for using instead of just

That domain is basically deprecated.


did you read Michael's post above yours?

Ehh, address of page?

Yes, although I literally just found out today that the website also has the API link-things, that was what he (they?) meant.

Also it said he was replying to bh.
Typically you reply to the person the message is intended to reach, or correlates to their post in some way.

I have the same issue. It is only with the API.

you're not even supposed to sniff the api, we're deprecating it altogether

i did not know that

Isn’t that in Snap! 7?