Snap cloud is having a serious DDOS problem

(i dont mean that someone is doing nasty stuff i mean that a lot of ppl are using snap and clogging the server)
i cant get to the website,the second time in a weekend

(i certainly wont spam this every time i cant get to the website,but i just want to let you know,you have some problem instead of an accident)

mirror sites work neither

Yeah, mirror sites don't help because they mirror the client, but the bottleneck is in the server.

The trouble is that our exponential growth in users means that we need exponential growth in money to pay for a wider pipe.


Snap!Con donations and tickets might help with this :slightly_smiling_face:

We're already spending some of that money on cloud support. But alas Snap!Con attendance isn't growing exponentially, partly because of Covid.

Totally forgot about Covid :confused: I guess I’m lucky where I am it died down exponentially last year. Good luck with attendance!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAh down again!

now up again