Snap! can detect Chromebook keys?

I was messing around with key detection, having the intention of making a text editor-like project, and found out that Snap! can detect about every key on the keyboard, even special function keys that only ChromeOS uses.

You can mess around with this quirk by pressing keys with this project loaded. If you're on a Chromebook, try doing the same with the top row keys, it even detects the power button!

Sidenote: I found this works best in the Snap! app that you can install from URL bar while in the editor. I think this only works on Chrome, though.

The only keys that work for me are the search/meta key and the forward/back buttons.

This actually just depends on what keys the browser will choose to detect.

I discovered this on accident while making a typing game.
It can detect almost every key on my keyboard, including LaunchApplication1, LaunchApplication2, ScrollLock, Insert, Delete, etc.

I found out something similar when I was making a thing kinda like snap!nix