Snap! but emoji

I'm working on a project of Snap! where the blocks have emojis as names. Do you have any interesting, unique or exotic ideas?

:walking_man: - Moves 1 step
:running_man: - Moves 10 steps
:repeat: - Turns 15 degrees right
:arrows_counterclockwise: - Turns 15 degrees left
:tshirt: - Next costume
:t_rex: - Increases size
:ant: - Decreases size
:loud_sound: - Plays a sound
:mute: - Stops all sounds
:scream: - Increases volume
:shushing_face: - Decreases volume
:pencil2: - Pen down
:bucket: - Fill

(You can also use 2 to 4 emojis for a block if 1 doesn't fit)

Fun fact: the :m: emoji looks like my profile picture in the Snap! forums

:speech_balloon: say() :thought_balloon: think() :dotted_line_face: clear

Snap! Jr. is something like that... :thinking:

Don't you mean Scratch Jr? Or is there a version of Snap that I'm not aware of?

✉                Message
🌐                URL
👁                Show
⛔👁              Hide
🛑                Stop all
🟥/🟧/🟨/🟩/🟦/🟪 set pen colour
📝                Write text 

I meant about Snap! Jr, my friend @joecooldoo made it. :~)

Oh. Interesting.
I'd like to see it, except that I don't know whether I have access to it (my browser is restricted).

I could try for a mod like that
EDIT: I realized you are making a project

Good but I would rather mess with XML to make the [scratchblocks][#ff0000] ✑::pen[/scratchblocks] block.
(I couldn't render it properly because Snap! forums/Discourse is replacing emojis with images.)

I haven't published or shared yet

type it like this


and put ur text inside



wait are `s used inside it

I was talking to alessandrito123.

Oh, I somehow didn't notice the reply username and profile picture.

@geokid The original version of Snap! Jr. made by Joe was on, but replit moved it to the deployments section. @earthrulerr remade the work of joecooldoo here to this link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

i deployed it :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh, that's so good. :face_holding_back_tears:


Just to be noted that I did not randomly find this Jr thing and actually I thought of making emoji Snap! myself.