Snap! blocks are HUGE

When I go into the editor the blocks are very tall for some reason. The input and text sizes are the same, just the size of the blocks.

Forgot to say that some ui elements are also huge and blocks other things in the ui.

Do you think you could send a screenshot?

I may be asking a dumb question here - However is the UI also (slightly) blurry?
(edit: for example)

if so, you might just be zoomed in.

hi zyde!

snap isnt the most stable on mobile devices but its defintly still useable as thats what i mainly use

just make sure to save often! and if it ever starts to break usally swapping off the tab and waiting a second then swapping back in will temporiliy fix the issue long enough to save

also, theres no zoom buttons in the editor you have to press "zoom blocks" in the settings menu to adjust it

something like this happened to me once