I'm making a site that introduces people to snap! On the navigation bar is a tab named 'biko' that is where all the learning about snap is. I'm working on adding some more stuff and tutorials. I'm really proud how the site turned out :].

I like the clean look of the site.

Your introduction is fun, but it just shows stuff you could do in Scratch. Your site will really be valuable to us when it teaches about recursion, about using lists of lists to implement general data structures, about higher order functions, about lambda (gray rings), about prototyping sprite inheritance, etc. Not meaning to discourage you! But you should think about delegating parts of the work to other people, because there's a lot of work to do.

Oh, there are two "i"s in "official."

Fact, most nav bars are used by list but mine aren’t, there just buttons and a header.

Ya, I’ll work on that next week. I’m focused on the site at the moment new things and pages.

I’ll fix that.

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I'm going to start adding test sheets on the biko page
Like this: Snap! Block Sheet Test

What does this block do?
warp { }

is there twice.

Oh ok. But it is just a test

Snap! Blocks Sheet Test
Version 1.1
No more duplicate of 'warp{}' block, replaced duplicate with 'pause all' block

Link to portable document format (pdf);!%20Blocks%20Sheet%20Test.pdf