Snap! App

So I'm creating an app for Snap! It's very unfinished, but here is the preview:

:link: App :link:

It's very bare bones right now. But updates are coming. :slight_smile:


What I think is cool is that Snap! stays active even if your are on the forum.

Could you describe what this app is about?

Well, It's basically the entirety of Snap! in an app.

It's not done yet though.

Ohh, Thunkable! Awesome! But could you provide some uh screenshots 'cuz it's not loading for me?

Whats not loading?

(Uh. The app? I clicked the linkie and it didn't load after like 10 minutes)

So the entire thing didn't load?

The entire website, heh. Not the website? Just the specific link you shared results in a white screen!

EDIT: Loading any project on Thunkable doesn't work. Huh.

I provided a screenshot on the original post.

Just get this after I log in to thunkable

Try the new link.

That works ta

Thunkable? Que es?

App development program. Drag-n-drop coding.

So, very high level of abstraction? Things like WHEN PACKET ON PORT (n)?

I don't know what your trying to say.

I'm wondering how the network interface works. I guess I should read your code.

Are you talking about the embedded Snap!?

Oh I guess maybe there is no network interface. Sorry, it's after midnight here... I'm losing it...