Snap! API for client?

I wanna make a client for the Snap! website, because I've been getting into using API's, and I wanting to know if theres an API I can use?

I think we discourage that.

aw :(

Please do not access the Snap! API via projects or anything else, or you may be banned.

I was thinking about using the Snap! Forums API to try to code a lil' Forum Bot using Snap! but alas that was by cringe self from 2 years ago in 7th grade (okay maybe it was less than 2 years ago but...) and I didn't know anything about spam bots and fears of having your data compromised.

Yeah, I know. I was IP banned ~3 years ago for a similar reason, which is why I was asking, specifically Jens and Bh

To be fair, the web site isn't the cloud, and I can imagine some situation in which we'd want to make an API for something. If you have a real need that's not otherwise met, ask again.

are we allowed to get project files from the snap API? i am making a project that can run a project in its own window.

AFAIK, no. It might be still be considered as "accessing the Snap!Cloud via projects". But I'm not sure.

Personally, I think just grabbing project files should be fine, but nothing else. That's my opinion, so it may not be the way jens thinks.

To be honest it's just better we don't try to make exceptions by asking "so can we just access our own projects via accessing Snap! Cloud?" or some similar question directed specifically for your pleasure or use. But yeah it's worth taking a risk and asking.

honestly the only things i want is to be able to log in with a username and password, access your projects in the "my projects" tab, and be able to see other people's published projects

The snap team would have to create an OAuth system for this, as allowing a program that is not affiliated with snap to let users log into their accounts, and see private projects, is a security risk. There's a reason no snap mods can access the snap cloud (except for NetsBlox).


it's a Snap! mod that adds some network/online features.

No, I know, but since when does it have access to he Snap Cloud?

Let's make this as plain as can be - Jens has stated that they do not want anyone using any method whatsoever - except by normal user interaction in a web browser, accessing or attempting to access the Snap! infrastructure by ANY other methods.

Yeah I know, but that still doesn't answer the question you replied to.

NetsBlox has their own cloud, but we are working toward letting all official extensions use the same cloud. IIRC Turtlestitch does use our cloud. But I could be wrong about that.