Snap! and Snap!Cloud (Backend coding)

So i want to make something using the Snap! backend, where is Snap!Cloud is apparently the backend version of snap, but looking at it, theres isnt anything i open so maybe i put it in something? (i have snap downloaded).
Is there other options to coding on the backend of snap?

The SnapCloud is not snap in the backend, it is the server software that hosts the website, and stores snap projects on a server. And also running server software is not as easy as opening an html file in the browser. In fact, you need to setup the environment, install all the dependencies, and then run a command to start the server. It is not made to be easy.

Jens has said that that sort of experimentation will lead to banning.

The simple answer is no. You can't. This is because Snap!'s Cloud isn't a standalone server. It's a system to connect to a server. It's a system that allows Snap! to use the server that it uses to store Snap! Projects and other data.

In essence, you're not looking for a way to use Snap! Cloud as a server (because it was never built for that use, and it uses other servers), you're looking for a way to connect an online server TO Snap!. And for that I'd recommend using the Server Blocks set up by our wonderful community or use the pre-made MQTT Blocks. Unfortunately, Snap! does not have its own official Cloud Variables Service (unlike Scratch) and it's unlikely we'll ever see one dominant Cloud Variable System, for like, ever.

So before I get banned or muted (unable to post on forums), I wanna clear things up

(GPT = ChatGPT)

What I want(ed):
I just wanted to make a simple thing that's connected to GPT

What I did:
I asked GPT (how ironic) if there was a way to do what I wanted and it provided instructions on how

More information:
GPT said to get the API for GPT, code things in the backend of snap, and do all this stuff that didn't make sense.

A better question:
Is there a way to have GPT in Snap! At all? (This includes using the Java block, and SciSnap!) I mean any way, connecting to another site such as a custom replit site, coding GPT in jave, ect?

untitled script pic (33)

and built-in "web service access ..." library
untitled script pic (32)

but you must get past the COORS limitations.

have search on the forum for gpt
e.g. Finally, I accessed the GPT-3 API in Snap!

Thank you for this information, this definitely might help me with other projects I've wanted to do but unable to.

Thank you, this helps.