Snap! 8?

What's new?


So is it confirmed that the current version is 8.0 because it still says 7.3.1 for me.

Clear your cache

Explain your PFP to me please it’s so cool!

Someone got to the Wikipedia article before me :frowning: Snap! (programming language) - Wikipedia

As you can see...

the file format is actually an SVG.

And if we look inside...

You'll see some <style> tags.

That was me


In my opinion, there is other work that could be done on the Wikipedia article than just updating the version.

Well I do not have much experience and thus cannot do advanced or moderate stuff like making a new section or anything, so I basically only edit things:)

Fair enough. Perhaps a rewrite of the first 'introduction' section. It feels a bit limiting to describe Snap! as 'allowing students to...', although it is undoubtedly the largest target of Snap!.


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