Snap! 7 ideas

Without necro-posting, there was discussion that possibly for Snap! 7 to

(a) make Bézier curves in sprite Costumes > Paint > Vector, and

(b) make block shapes transparent so the code was more textual, such as this script to animate a baseball homerun:

on flag clicked
go to [ ballStrikeSprite ]
repeat until [ touching [ upperDeckSprite ] ]
point towards [ ballPath ]
move 3 steps

(In this case, I imagine ballPath to be a vector.)

Are either of these a possibility for version 7?

(b) is already in Snap!. In the settings menu, near the top, click on "fade blocks."

As for (a), a complete rewrite of both bitmap and vector editors is on our long-term list, but it won't happen before 7.0, sorry!

welcome back @cookiejar
I think its a great idea

Thanks, sirhopsalot.

And Brian, this looks great! Flat design + Fade blocks set to 98. Mouseover reveals the block nicely. I like this for screenshots.

This may have been asked and answered, but which typeface does Snap! use?

I'm pretty sure it's Arial, but all those ugly sans-serif faces look the same anyway. :~)

Agreed, especially since Snap! mixes widths. A monospaced typeface would be easier to read and more in the sprit of coding. Before anyone says ‘Menlo,’ have a look at Code Saver. One day it just became my default, both for copy writing and web coding. There’s a free sample at Code Saver Font Family - Dafont Free. I am not associated with daFont or the type designer. Just like something easy on the eyes.

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