Snap! 7 Hat Blocks

In Snap! 7, I know many have suggested this, but what about hat blocks? Also the ability to put when flag clicked block into [run]{input}

That's why the WHEN hat block exists. Also, the BROADCAST block already does that in Snap! 7

But it would be nice if you could download a custom block ad a hat block

Bugs in graphics:

The edge of the block is glitched.

Also to use extensions you have to enable extensions, this just renders this function useless. JS functions could allow both. I think extensions should be enabled by default

Why??? Also, you can already do this with XML hacking.

To restart the project without reloading the page. Solved when 7 comes out though.

You can already do that...

I think he means, resets it entirely. You can make a project reset itself when you click the green flag, but if you don't, when you click the green flag, all values stay the same.

Thanks for the bug report!

Unfortunately, to run your project that uses libraries in v7, you must reload the v7 version of the library. I'm getting tired of explaining why enabling JS by default would defeat the entire purpose.

I'm surprised you even needed one. It's been in snap for a while. I never said anything because it's a small graphical error that is super easy to ignore (is that why it hasn't been fixed yet).

untitled script pic (1)
You could do that :arrow_up: for the custom hats

Yeah, thats what I do.


This has been asked for zillions of times and zillions of times the answer is no



Then we've both made redundant statements :slight_smile:

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