Snap 7 dev version dosent show temp vars

I click the menu that has the variable names, in snap 6, it gives me a [(temporary)varname] watcher, in snap 7 it does nothing. pls fix

This bug has happened to me, but, I just had to reload the page to fix it. idk what's happening.

oh, thanks, i tried that once before and it didnt work but now it works now, thanks

Only in v7, or earlier?

I don't understand this. By "the menu that has the variable names" do you mean "the Variables palette category"? And if so, how does that create a watcher?

The way I know to get a temporary variable watcher is to put a SHOW VARIABLE block inside a block body.

oh i meant in visible step mode right clicking gives you a menu vith the variable names

You can do it it without it on too.

Wait, I just remembered, for me, the temp var watchers were just off screen because I had a hidden var that had a bunch of text. All I had to do to fix it, was to just move the big var up.

ah makes sense