Snap! 7.0 has the snap 6.9.2 libraries

the version of Snap 7 that you can access by pressing the run snap! button has the 6.9.2 libraries instead of the 7.0 libraries. (so as an example, you can load the Leap Motion Controller library.)

No, it doesn't. You have to hard-reload (shift-click the reload icon) the page to clear out the old versions from your cache. Thanks for pointing this out!

Thanks for helping, I have this too.

How do you do it on ipad?

that didn't work

Hmm, try going into Settings in your browser and clear your cache.

But all my accounts.

It's the browser's cache you have to clear; it doesn't know anything about Snap! accounts.

It will make me have to re log into all of my accounts.

Cache is not used for keeping you logged into your accounts, that's cookies, or browser data.

this worked. thanks