Snap! 7.0.3

Snap! 7.0.3 right now was released :slight_smile:

What's new?

New Features:

arity control for assembling polyadic inputs using JOIN (pass a list whose first item is an integer representing the number of slots followed by the contents of those slots)

Notable Changes:

same blocks with empty variadic inputs compare as equal regardless of their arity
made "When I receive any messagge" non-thread-safe by default (again) to enable tail recursive broadcasts
improved handling of user-defined errors and errors inside custom blocks

Notable Fixes:

fixed storing the stage name(s) - also fixes undesired translation
removed distinction between number and string keys in "analyze"
fixed variable binding when broadcasting through the API, thanks, Zak!
fixed programmatically hiding palette blocks using the "hide variable" block, thanks, Zak!
fixed / worked around PWA caching for URLs with query parts, thanks, Ken!
added missing "identical to" relabel option to "less than" reporter, thanks, Mary!

Thanks Snap! Developers :smiley:

Nice! I'll have to see if I can implement that for @joecooldoo's reverse codification project.

I'm just wondering, does the about dialog say 7.0.2 with the page title being 7.0.3 for anyone else?

Try shift-reloading.

I'm on mobile, and I can't find any way to hard refresh, or even clear browse cache.


Edit: does this work?

Go to your settings, go to safari, then it is there.

I'm using brave (it's much much faster and more secure than safari)

Edit: I asked on the brave community forum, and finally got an answer, so now I know how to clear the cache. The about dialog no longer says 7.0.2.