Snap! 5 is here

Thank you! Shoot me an email and we'll talk. (

I'd love to help out in the Snap! community! That would be a wonderful learning experience for me. :smile:

OK. We're not really set up for lots of moderators yet, but will get back to you when we get organized.

Hello Jens and everyone,
I have lost my copious notes from SnapCon and would like a pointer to all these Snap 5 features, particularly exporting json & csv.....

Hi Ursula, welcome to the forum! I've just sent you an email...

Hi, Ursula!

If you know you want to export JSON, you could look for "JSON" in the index of the manual and it'll send you to page 19, which will teach you about the SPLIT block and then send you to page 39. You'll find what you want there, except that the text continues to page 40 and that's where the JSON option appears. (So, yeah, I need another index entry...)

Would you like to help me with something, please? Thank you.

Is this about the problem with your account and your brother's? I'm not confident enough finding my way around the database to be much help; perhaps @cycomachead or @bromagosa can look into it. Or is this something else you want help with?

Yeah, it is the one you are talking about. And, it's okay. Thanks for the reply.