Snap! 5 crashes chrome, then recovers


  1. What browsers show this problem?

I have only tested this on chrome (latest).

  1. Please share an example project (if possible).

Not possible. It happens seemingly randomly on all large projects.

  1. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue.

I have no idea. Sorry :confused:

  1. What does Snap! currently do?

Occasionally, when I do something, such as add a block to the code space, chrome turns black. Then Snap! recovers, but only some elements of it; other parts are just white. The UI buttons still work, but the image is smaller in the top left, but the mouse detection is still in the same place, if that makes sense. I tried going into dev mode but it is the same.
I have some screen shots if that helps.
You probably already know about this, but I thought I'd say just in case.

Thanks for the report!

Is this on a phone/tablet? We know about such troubles when the screen is too small, but it doesn't have anything to do with project size, afaik.

If you're using a computer, this is new information.

Nope. I'm on a computer. I've realised the size of the project doesn't matter.
I am also streaming music from at the same time, though. That probably makes a difference...

Luckily, Snap! always seems to be working enough to be able to save the project, so I don't lose data (unless I forgot to save it, but that's my fault).

As far my knowledge goes, that doesn't make a difference. I am usually on the forums with a tab open either for practicing JS or for studying maths.

That looks odd to me. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

It was such a long time ago, and I don't know where I saved the screenshots. If I'm honest (sorry bh), I don't use Snap! so much now...

I forgive you.

Were you driven away by this bug, or just not interested?

Oh, I see.

Hmm, I see. Are you sure it was Snap! 5? If so, what was the version, if you remember?

I now use Java in Processing, but Snap! was definitely a huge part of learning programming, partly because it's so easy to do stuff that would be hard in text programming languages, eg. using a code input in Snap! just requires one button press, whereas in Java you have to mess around with StackOverflow forums badly explaining runnables and lambda :)

Although, this bug was quite annoying...

Ah. Yes, we like to think of Snap! as more powerful (in the sense of expressiveness; of course all languages are equivalent in terms of what algorithms they can implement) than any text language that isn't Scheme. :~) Our visual representation of lambda (the gray rings) is totally non-intimidating in the context of MAP, KEEP, and COMBINE. (He said, blowing his own horn.)

I totally agree. In fact, the only reason I use Processing is because of
a) speed,
b) easy visual processing (eg. 3D shapes and lighting),
c) learn about classes and objects, etc., as Snap! has sprites instead.
d) get the feel of text based programming, so as it's easier to learn other programming languages (and maybe one day come to help work on Snap! itself!)

So if at any time you feel you want to add 3D shape and lighting support... :)

In fact, now I've kind of got to grips with text based programming languages, I'm actually learning JS. I'm even coding some simulations for my physics teacher's website, so as to replace the SWF with HTML and JS.

As we speak, Jens is working on a complete rewrite of Morphic that he hopes will make Snap! way faster. Fingers crossed...

Nah, that's a good project for people to write in Snap! itself. And, not such a great idea anyway; 3D is just way harder for beginners. I vividly remember watching an Alice user banging his head against the wall trying to debug his program that wouldn't do anything, and eventually he figured out that the program worked fine, but the camera was pointing away from the action.

Now, if you want to implement macros, then we can talk. :~)

Good point.
P.S. I don't suppose you can make a button in the forums that adds "Snap!" to the forum reply text, because I'm getting quite tired of writing Snap<em>!</em>

You think you're tired of it! This would be a great project for a 12-year-old genius, I think.

P.S. Turns out you can type colon snap colon and get :snap:. That should tide us over...

P.P.S. Or colon sn colon: :sn:
I'm a genius. :~)

I have a thing on my computer that expands S! into Snap<em>!</em> :smiley:

Oh me too, but that doesn't solve our users' problems.

That would keep taking much time.

You can do "Snap<i>!</i>"