Snap! 10.0 please

I have Ideas for the Snap! 10.0 update.
You can post an idea too!

1: Custom hats and caps!
when (custom :: control) = <added? :: control> :: events hat
say [Yay!]
loop script :: events cap

2: MultiUser Editor!
open MultiUser :: control
comment to @[User] "[Message]" :: control
(reply from @[User] :: control)
<talking to @[User]? :: control>
(user you are talking to :: control)
delete message [Message] :: control
close MultiUser :: control
<MultiUser on? :: control>
when MultiUser is on :: control hat

3:Wifi detectors
<online? :: sensing>

What are your Ideas?

I reported u to the moderators.

also you will get ip banned if you use this block

We already have the generic WHEN block!

Yeah.He is reffering to custom hat blocks,which have been rejected multiple times due to the generic when block.

However, we dont have a
when project stopped :: events hat

CyberBullying is a crime.

I dont get banned using scratch's username block.

Previously, the most viable way to get the current user’s username was by accessing the Snap! Cloud API. However, this method has been banned, and accessing/attempting to access the Snap! Cloud in a project will result in the user doing so being banned.

Please be nicer. This user is new to the forum, and we don't want to scare them away.

But the picture was of a generic when! ¯\(ツ)

He's going to start being nicer.

FYI, there's nothing secret about the dev version. It's our more-or-less official alpha test channel. But some of its features will be experimental, and we're not committing ourselves to keeping anything in the eventual release version.

Huh. That's interesting. Long, long ago they had a username block, and then long ago they removed it, as a privacy violation, and replaced it with a block that would report a unique identifier per user per project so that game programs could remember their users without having to know anything else about their users' interactions with Scratch. But now the username block seems to be back. Does anyone know more than I do about why they changed their minds?

It was probably because mainly of cloud variables, otherwise there would be literally no possible way to distinguish different users

I still think user id is better as that’s a number and that’s what cloud variables support, but both have strengths and weeknesses

He wants custom hats and caps

I'm pretty sure they added the user id block, then removed it, all while keeping the username block (which has been in scratch since 2.0, never getting removed).

Let me edit my message for a sec.


I fixed it.

Scratch has changed a lot, bh, scratch has changed a lot.

The texture of Scratch and Snap! are totaly different.
Scratch is even adding high contrast mode for dark users!

Scratch 3.0 is TOTALY different then Scratch 2.0 or Snap!