Snake Game help

I'm having a problem with the position list in my snake game, it's staying the same across every item, and I'm not sure why.

Here's a link to the project so you can go through my code (which is based on my original Scratch version)

you had to add the ID of the position instead of the actual position in the add position block.
fixed it for you, just drag the block in and it will replace the code
Snake Recreation script pic
i think it happens because of some list linking stuff, but i'm not sure

ok, but can we keep the discussion on-topic? you can reply to me on one of your posts related to that topic and i will still see it.

You need to raise the pen before "draw filled oval at".

Oh, I hadn't even asked for help on that, thanks!

How does that wizardry work!? Data from a png! Wow!

script pic is a snap feature

How does it get the definition of the custom block?

i think it adds some metadata or something
edit: it stores the XML of the code under SNAP!_SRC


it just does, idk how but it does