Small request to the [] to [] sensing block

when the

[distance v] to [ v] :: sensing reporter // i'm only talking about the distance option on this topic

has a reporter in the second dropdown and the reporter reports a non-existing option, the block reports zero, when I want it to/it should report a high number, NaN, or Infinity (preferably 10000 (ten thousand)) can someone change that?

Why is zero unsuitable for your needs?

i'm detecting something, and the program breaks because it thinks the x and y are at the same spot as the sprite.

Why/How are you getting an empty input slot in your program. Are you putting a variable in the input?

not that, there's a variable there, but I chose not to show one.

Unfortunately, the need for what you are asking for isn't clear.

Could you post a project that demonstrates your issue?

I mean

ask [I will tell you if my name is something] and wait
say (if <([distance v] to (answer) :: sensing) = [0]> then [yes] else [no] :: control)

and the reason I use distance to and not the equals block is because distance is case sensitive.

You could just do

, couldn't you?

I would, but I like to use this block

(and if I use the use case independent comparisons, I don't know if the comparisons are on or off at the time I use the block)

it does not.

right, but


that block really just uses a variable that is hidden to the user and each block in the library just checks if the variable is true or false to know if it should be case sensitive.

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