Slow rendering of many clones

What's problem you are encountering?

I am encountering a problem with finding an efficient way of drawing many clones to the screen. My goal is to be able to render a large amount of clone-like objects across a large area without slowing the program down to a crawl.

What have you tried that didn't work?

I have tried (in order):

1: I just created 1000 clones, which worked, but the project was very slow and I wanted it to be able to be somewhat playable.

2: I tried reducing the clones, but then the area where the player is able to roam would have to be greatly reduced.

3: I created a script that first generates 1000 theoretical clones and puts the data in a list, and then repeatedly queries over every theoretical clone, and asks: "Will this be on the screen?" and if it is going to be on the screen, tries to send off the task of rendering that clone to a smaller dynamic set of clones that try to pretend to be all of the clones in the level. Unfortunately this is a very slow calculation, and there are some odd visual glitches when clones are hidden and added.

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

Here is my current project: (You can find the relevant code in the Astronaut sprite (all of the code should have attached comments))

To test the speed, use the arrow keys to navigate on top of the ball, and then try to move around the white area with the lions, trees, apples, and bowls.