Slate_technologies, can you please help me in this collaboration

car horror game glitch

Spoilers for game that got delayed

the character wont pop up when the car breaks down after it tells you to get out here is link for game test Snap! 7.2.0 - Build Your Own Blocks

You can ping me by adding an @ with my username.

Just like this! @slate_technologies

i didnt know you could do that in the title of a topic

You can do it in the description.

by the way sorry i havent been on snap to work on the project in a while, i have just had ALOT of other things to do at home and school

I understand. I will still try to help you with this.

okay, thanks, my brain has just been hurting about how the character wont show and i cant get it to show

sorry i am curreintly in class right now so i cant really work on anything

Oh hey cash, I found the problem. It is shown but it isnt visible on the canvas because it is outside of it. Make the guy go to the cars x -50 and y position and it will work.


thats his nickname, we know each other irl